Rabu, 30 November 2011


L.O.V.E ... What happened to my love? Love is truly extraordinary. After we split up within a day (a very long day for me) hehe ... Can't be denied that he and I still love each other and difficult to not communicate. He and my heart is still unchanged. may last only a momentary emotion. Now the situation changed for the better and I'm glad you still love me. Of all these events, I learned a lot. Love is supposed to trust each other and understand each other. During this time I just thought of myself convenience only and don't ever think you feel. but you were always patient and willing to love me still. I'm very lucky to have found your love. and I instill in my heart that I will no longer let my love, my dear and my soulmate go because my attitude. I'm so sorry my dear ... I really promise not to hurt you anymore and one thing you should know. Do not leave me because I'll be waiting for you.

your love,
^____ ^

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