Minggu, 27 November 2011

Morning at the date 27/11/2011

This morning I was silent. It's like not believing that I was not with him anymore. If time could be in play again, I want to keep her fully, keeping the feeling, unfortunately, to keep her feelings to me. Why am I so stupid Etha? God help me... I don't want to lose people I love,don't let her heart to another person. These tears are always dripping and never want to stop. I promise to change my attitude. Don't leave me ... cried and cried. Never stopped crying. For the people I love, I promise will change, I promise not to repeat the same mistakes, I promise ... Please don't let this situation continue forever. I just want to be with you. Difficult to accept everything. Please forgive me ... forgive all my mistakes. What else should I write here? My fingers are no longer able to write my hearts content. I don't know ... Cry and cry ... Never stop crying. I feel very bad. when I will be with you again?


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